High quality, short leadtime womenswear C.M.T. manufacturing

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We are a British company producing high to top quality womenswear garments for a wide range of UK wholesale and retail suppliers across all sectors of the womenswear market.

We manage the manufacturing process of garment production on a cut make and trim (C.M.T.) basis at factories within the EU, complying with European legislation. With manufacturing production being located close to the UK, our clients enjoy the convenience and advantage of:

Based in Northamptonshire, our office handles the administration and monitors all the activities involved in the production process - from the collection of materials from the customer’s warehouse to the delivery of hanging garments bagged and tagged to the customer’s warehouse:

Our range of competence in manufacture extends across daywear through to occasion wear for designers and wholesalers, supplying high street stores, mail order companies, through to demi-couture boutiques.

Garments include dresses, skirts, trousers, blouses, tops, jackets, suits and coats.

Our factories competently handle both woven and jersey fabrics, ranging from lightweight silks and sheers through to medium weight woollen fabrics.

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About us

Rodney Perrigo has been making garments for British companies since 1992. Initially, producing clothing for high street companies such as Wallis, River Island and Alexon, we have witnessed the significant changes which have occurred in the clothing industry, and now manufacture for clients where smaller minimum order quantities and keen pricing levels have become the norm. Thus we have adapted and not only survived, but thrived. We know we are flexible enough to continue to adapt to changing market circumstances.

Today we have a mixed customer base comprising well known manufacturers/wholesalers, designers and mail order companies, as well as less well known and small businesses. Order quantities range from 3000+ to as few as 50 pieces of a style, depending on the value of the garment.

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